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The State of New Jersey has implemented a convenient "electronic" payment option for receiving your child support payments using a prepaid Debit MasterCard ® card - A better way to receive your child support payments. Simply spend your money by presenting your debit card; it …

  • EPPICard Login

    The State of New Jersey has implemented a convenient "electronic" payment option for …


    EPPICard - the safe and secure way to access your payments!


    Using the EPPICard system, cardholders can purchase goods and services directly from retailers and even get cash back.


    New Jersey Child Support Card Balance and Login


    In this article, we will help you login your online New Jersey EPPICard account to access your Child Support payments and balance. For help checking your New Jersey Child Support Card balance and login instructions, continue reading below.


    New Jersey Foster Care Card Balance and Login - Eppicard …


    How to Login New Jersey EPPICard Account. Follow the instructions below to login your New Jersey EPPICard account. Step 1: If you are a new user to the Eppicard site, you must first create an account. To create an account, visit the New Jersey EPPICard


    New Jersey EPPICard for Foster Care - Eppicard Help


    To access your New Jersey EPPICard balance and transaction history, please login your New Jersey EPPICard online account. To login, visit your the NJ EPPICard Account home page here. For more help with your New Jersey EPPICard including online account login, payment schedule, and transaction fees, then continue reading below.


    Eppicard NJ Customer Service and Account Login | Userfully ...


    The Condition of Nj has implemented a handy “electronic” payment choice for receiving your supporting your children obligations utilizing a prepaid EPPICard NJ MasterCard® – An easy method to get your supporting your children obligations. Simply spend your hard earned money by showing your bank card it’s safe, convenient and secure.


    New Jersey EPPICard for Child Support - Eppicard Help


    Eppicard Account Balance, Login and Customer Service Help. ... New Jersey EPPICard for Child Support Help. For questions related to the New Jersey EPPICard (New Jersey Debit Card), call Customer Service at 1-866-461-4094. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call customer service about the following issues ...


    New Jersey's Electronic Child Care (ECC) Provider Web ...


    The New Jersey e-Child Care Provider Web Portal is a powerful tool that gives child care providers the ability to view information about their agreements, attendance …


    EPPICard Login


    In November, 2006, the State of Indiana implemented the new Indiana Prepaid Card™ program. Workforce service clients, Custodial parents and Employees can now access their payments online using a Visa ® debit card. Your payments are automatically loaded onto the card and you can go to millions of Visa ATM and retailer locations in Indiana and around the world to make purchases or receive cash.

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